Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Sun Devil Night

We had another fun ASU game last night and I took tons of pictures.
It was a kids club night and lucky kiddos, they got to high five the players as they ran onto the court.

George and Petey waiting to go line up. The best picture I got of the 3 grandkids in ASU kids club. Seriously washed out face but still a beautiful little princess. George is so sweet to Petey. Prom pose! haha. He actually had both arms around her on her waist and we told him to move his hands because it looked really weird. :)Sparky came and high fived the kids before they went onto the court.There they are!

My girly was quite popular at the game. This is a picture of her up on the jump tron while before the players came out onto the court. They kept the camera on her for a long time.

She ended up making it onto the jumbo tron two more times that night. This was the first time she really recognized that she was up there and she kept making funny faces for them. :)I got one good picture of the both of us (the boys stayed home this game).

And then a couple silly pictures. Ha!Isn't she adorable?Towards the end of the game, Petey got to dance with the cheerleader and shake her pom poms. She really had a lucky night and we had such a fun time.
Go Devils!
And that's how Suze sees it.

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