Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I Love 'Duck, Duck, Goose"

I was reading one of my favorite mom blogs this morning back in her archives about motherhood and parenting and although I absolutely love her blog, I kept thinking, "I'll have to come back to this when my kids are older like hers. I can't use any of this right now with my two young children."
But as I was clicking through some of her old posts, I realized that there are many things in this post that I can use in my day to day life with my children.
So I walked up to Petey in the midst of all the chaos ("The Chaos"= a 2 yr old, 3 yr old, and 4 yr old running through the house like wild geese, screaming and giggling as loud as possible.) and pulled her aside to talk to her.
I asked her what some of her favorite things to do are and she told me she loves Duck, Duck, Goose, Hide and Seek, and swinging on the swings outside.
So I turned off Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, gathered the two other children and told them we were going to play Duck, Duck, Goose. And we did.
And as we played and giggled (and screamed a little), I couldn't help but smile at the fun this simple game was. There are no losers in Duck, Duck, Goose. If you are the goose, you get to run and if you are already "it" and get tagged by the goose, you get to go again! Everybody wins in Duck, Duck, Goose. So today, I realized how simple it is to be 2 or 3 years old. There is so much fun to be had during these young years and I can already incorporate some of the things I'd like to do with them as they get older, like short little interviews to help my children know how special they are.
It is realizations like these that help me to know why I stay home and why we choose to live with financial difficulties for a few more years. Because money is not as important as being there for my children.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Emily said...

I need to show this to my little girl. It is a great game!