Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Repurposed: Jeans to Skirt

Remember this post from almost 6 months ago? I had attempted to repurpose a pair of Petey's jeans into a skirt and it turned out really adorable.
Well, I never showed you the picture but I made my cute little niece a skirt with different fabric but the same tutorial.

That was back in October for her birthday and I think it turned out even more adorable than the first skirt.

Well, today I was sitting here sorting through my bucket of fabric after realizing Petey's other pair of jeggings was ripped (a pink pair this time) when I saw my zebra and pink polka dot fabric. Then the excitement started...and thirty minutes later, my girly had another new skirt! This pose is killing me! We watched America's Next Top Model last week while at my parents house and today, she whipped out this pose. Scary! I don't think I'll be letting her watch that show with me ever again! Ever!

The only thing I did differently with this skirt was cut squares of my two fabrics and sew them together. The bottom ruffle is just a plain black. I love how it turned out! And here's the back. We're going to have to find some of her black leggings so she can wear it for the rest of winter time but after that, it'll be the perfect summer skirt!

And that's how Suze sews it.


Emily said...

Wow. What talent. I can't sew to save my life, so when I see people making something I'm always so impressed

Stacy Crawford said...

Cool skirt! Way cute daughter.