Friday, January 6, 2012

The 2nd Child Growing Up

What have we been up to the past couple of days?
Oh, you know, just potty training my son.
I'm only being slightly sarcastic.
You see, Spidey has been asking to use the potty many times in the past months and it has become more and more frequent. Also, a week or two ago, our little man went #2 on the potty all by himself!
I posted on Facebook, asking my fellow mom friends what they would do if there 27 month old was acting interested and I also mentioned that Petey started potty training at 26 months and it took 15 months to fully potty train her (As in, it just sunk in 6 weeks ago...)! That being said, I've dreaded the day that my son would want to potty train because after that first experience, I never wanted to potty train a kid again!
But all of my friends said to try it and see what happens. So I did...

Little Man was beyond excited to be wearing underwear like this big sis.And luckily, it wasn't too cold for him to play outside with no pants on (because I was not about to clean up a bunch of messes inside).

One accident happened...he sat on the potty...nothing...tons of juice was consumed...he sat on the potty...nothing...two accidents now happened...and I put him back in a diaper.

He screamed when the diaper went on and begged to sit back on the potty but I (mean mommy) was done and wasn't ready anyway so on that diaper went!

Tweny minutes went by and we were in the middle of playing a game when my boy grabs his diaper and says this: "Huh! Oh no! *insert mischevious grin here* I go peepee in my diaper. I did it! Yay!"

What?! Petey never told me when she went potty in her diaper. Ever. She still wouldn't. So yes, I know my boy is ready. The problem is mommy isn't ready. So we will wait until he becomes more adamant about potty training and then we'll push forward.

All of this makes me realize how fast my baby boy is growing up. Can't he just stop it for a little while?

Am I really that close to potty training child #2? We were just doing this last year! I guess that's what happens when you have babies a little over a year apart. :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

PS: The ONLY thing that tempts me to potty train my little boy right now is the cost of diapers. Seriously...they're so expensive! And I buy the cheap ones! :)


Kelly said...

Sounds like he knows what's up. ... I'm not trying to be contrary or anything but do you worry that if you wait, he won't be interested later and this might be your golden moment? Just a thought.

I was NOT ready when Mer decided, the week of her birthday, she was going to be done with diapers and be a big girl but now she's as potty trained (sometimes more so!) than Gwenna. I still put a pull up on her at night but she'll get there.

Domanique said...

Hey Suze, I don't have kids as you well know. But why not make it Davey's job to train hahah As I was reading your post it reminded me of another blog I read and what she had posted about potty training, here is the post, best of luck girlie. From what I understand it's not for the faint of heart, reason why we dont have babies yet ;)and why you have two great ones

Emily said...

I say don't go for it ti you're ready. I learned during my first round of potty training with my daughter that success is only as good as my patience and readiness. :)

crazytwinmomma said...

I dread potty training my two! They are 2 1/2 and still say no when I ask them to sit on the potty and only sporadically tell me if they need to be changed. I'll be following to see how things go :)