Thursday, January 26, 2012

Productive Days

What I have learned this week: I feel SO much better about my life and myself when I am being productive.
The week before New Years, some friends and I were talking at the park about resolutions. Everybody seemed to have different resolutions and one lady even said she didn't make resolutions because she doesn't keep them. This may be something that has been true in the past for me. I often don't look at my goals even the day after writing them. But not this year.
This month has been a success so far. I've studied my scriptures more, kept up with our Tot School, and today I did a temple session all by myself for the very first time. School has been so much fun for the kids. They love learning new things and having my full attention to help them with practie the things I am teaching them. Spidey is working on the color green this week......while Petey is working on the letters E, P, and the number 4. These papers are from the first day of the week. She has been a sponge for learning how to write her letters and I am impressed with how well she is doing.
I've also been trying to be a better mother, just in my day to day life. My kids are going to be little for only so long and I want to remember and enjoy these moments with them. Last week, we had some friends over for the whole day and it was so fun for me to be a mom of 4 for the day. Petey enjoys have a "baby sister" in the house whenever L comes over. I had to take pictures of my full car when we drove to the park. I love having my van and being able to fit so many littles in my car. Again, Miss Petey loves L. She was such a good little mommy and helped with anything I needed. And on a side note, these swaddler blankets are awesome and I am totally getting some before we have next baby. :)
It makes me happy to see my kids happy and to see them showing love toward others. Often times, I feel like I've done a pretty crappy job so far as their mother so it's nice when I catch them doing something and I know it's because of the way they are being raised.
I really lucked out. I have two of the best children in the entire world (though I'm sure every mother feels that way).
I know that I am striving to be a better mother and in doing so, I know I will get better at it a little bit at a time.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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