Thursday, January 19, 2012

Proud Mommy Moment: My Special Spidey

Who knew carousels were this fun?Doesn't it just make you want to squeeze him? He is such a happy little boy!
Today, I am proud of my little buddy. The feeling is mostly general since I'm proud of both of my kids a thousand times a day. But I'd like to talk about how proud I am that I have a son.
As our first son and the first grandson on his dad's side, my special boy will have a lot of special opportunities in his life. I remember finding out that he was a boy and being kind of sad (which will NEVER happen again) because I wanted Petey to have a sister close in age to her. Plus, I was afraid of having a boy.
You see, I have about a million sisters (well, really just 4 of them) and didn't know much about raising a boy so I was kind of scared.
And boy, he is! My boy is beyond boy. Really! He likes trucks, balls, and dirt! And more than anything, his favorite thing is to wrestle.
And instead of run and hide or make him stop being so crazy, I have been trying to embrace his boyishness. :) Because remember, he is a boy.
I am proud of my son. Proud of his two year old self and proud of who he will become in this life. He is such a great blessing in my life.

And that's how Suze sees it.


Emmy said...

Awe how great! I always wanted a boy first- not sure why, I guess so there could be a big brother to protect his siblings. But yes, boys are very different but there is something so special.

Love those pictures! Thanks for linking up

Kmama said...

Very sweet. He is really loving that carousel, isn't he? You can almost feel his joy!

Thanks for linking up!