Friday, January 13, 2012

Mothers Who Know Are Nurturers

"Hey, Bubba, watcha doin'?""Oh, you know, just walking my big sister around on a leash."
I love my children. I love their creativity, their spunk, and the funny things they do while playing together.
My favorite cd right now is Hilary Weeks newest cd and the song I was stuck on today was "Stand Still", which talks about how children grow up too fast. The chorus goes:
"If I could, I would ask time to stand still
so I could hold you a little longer.
I'd make the minutes stop
so we would always have today.
I wont let the sun go down
until you know how I feel.
I love you so much.
I wish time would stand still."
To hear a tidbit of this song, go here.
This song helped me realize something very important in my quest to become a Mother Who Knows.
I've struggled these past couple of months with posting the last segment of my Mothers Who Know posts because I often feel like a failure when it comes to homemaking skills. Everybody else just seems to have it together, have clean houses, cook meals every night, and nurture their children every second of every day. I know this isn't true but we usually see the best in others and the worst in ourselves.
I've learned throughout this whole experience that being a Mother Who Knows is not about being a perfect mother and homemaker. It is about trying my best with the situation that I have. Some days I do really well and other days, I don't succeed at all.
But I am a Mother Who Knows. I am not a perfect one but one who strives to live better each day. The point is that we try. We make goals and we try to keep those goals. And then we fix another area in our lives that we'd like to work on. It's a process.
Little by little, each day we become more the person we want to be. Change does not happen in an hour or usually even a day.
The biggest thing I've learned throughout this whole process is that we, as mothers, don't give ourselves enough credit. So cut yourself a little slack and I'll try to do the same.
And that's how Suze becomes a Mother Who Knows.


Kelly said...

You are awesome. I'm glad you waited to post this part because it's just right. I so admire you for your realizations and how you try to improve yourself and be the best you can be. And I agree that we often compare the worst in ourselves against the best in someone else - our weakness against their strength. It's so wrong. And the internet and "picture perfection" makes it tougher... but that's not what it's about, right? I enjoyed this post and I"m going to work harder on that too, cutting myself some slack and just trying MY best. :) Thanks.

Emily said...

You're so right! One of the dangers of blogs and other social networking avenues is feeling like we're not good enough compared to those we read about. I always have to remind myself that things are not always as they seem, and that no one is perfect.

A mother that tries to do,her best despite having setbacks is a good mother!