Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week in Pictures

This has been a fun but difficult week for me. Saying hello to 2012 and trying to keep all of my goals from the start has been a challenge but for the most part, I have succeeded!
Early Monday morning, the kids and I started our tot school.

We are practicing our writing on RED paper because that is the color Spidey is learning this week. Petey is learning about the letter Y and the number 1. I had to darken this picture so you could see her writing. I wrote 3 of those y's (you can pick out which ones) but she did the rest! Each day, we practice something with the letter Y and number 1 so that she can remember it. We only do tot school about 10-15 minutes each day but it seems to be working!

Also, this week, we have practically lived at the park. I've been on and off sick and the park helps me to get some fresh air while letting the kids play. Before we left for the park one day, Spidey had the most guilty-looking face and was holding this Mountain Dew. New spokeskid for MD? Maybe...

This is usually what it looks when we walk to the park. Petey is a pro at riding her bike but Spidey can't ride his scooter yet so we carry it and his tractor in the wagon with him. :)My boy loves the park. He loves sliding, getting dirty, swinging, and throwing sand...Petey is always thinking of new ways to climb around the playground. Don't you love this picture? Petey is trying to hug her brother while he sneaks a pile of sand into the pocket of her dress. Lovely.

Hope you've all had a good week. We are survivin' happily over here.
Today, Boss starts his first day at Arizona State University! I'm so proud to be his wife and look at all the hard work he is doing for our family. He's a great man.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Emily said...

I just found your blog. Good stuff. Is Tot School something you do in lieu of preschool or do you home school?