Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday

What better way to celebrate a Friday night than with some hilarious family pictures. Introducing...Mr Junk in his Trunk. If he would've stood still, his behind would've been even bigger but between me and the iPad and our moving target, this is what we got. :)Dear Husband,
At the expense of someone else's laughter, I have chosen to put these pictures up on the blog. But you don't care, right? :)Alien Andrea. Does this not remind anyone of the movie Megamind? She was like super-dee-duperly pregnant in this picture. :) It's not just the head. Don't we look alike?Block head!Hmm, Andrea, I think there's something on your right cheek. Possibly a vortex?

As you can see, my mom's iPad has provided hours of fun for us. Thanks, Mom!

And that's how Suze celebrates her Friday night.

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