Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Review Extravaganza: January, February, and March

I start this series off the exact same way every year. It just simply cannot be the end of the year yet. It was just January!
But here we are, reviewing the year, month by month. This week's post will have January, February, and March.

I started off my year by making my new year goals. Re-reading that post was hard but it helped me realize that I had picked the perfect word for the year. Faith is something I've relied on to get me through so many things this year. It's actually hard for me to believe that at the beginning of the year, I was still hoping and praying and doing fertility treatments to try and have another baby. That is nowhere near where I am right now. My miracle wasn't a baby. My miracle was having enough faith to endure things I thought I wasn't strong enough to endure.
We were busy taking a gazillion trips to the zoo with our new membership. {And seriously, I forgot how long E's hair was back then and how short Petey's was!}

I talked about being about how I can do hard things. I'd like to revisit that post in a new post someday.

And we can't forget the annual cabin trip for New Year's with my family {which obviously happened before the other picture but I can't seem to switch it to the top of the page}. Maybe in 5-10 years, we can visit that trip. It was amazing, seriously hard, and more amazing to be with my family. I remember that trip vividly and am so glad we went.


In February, my brother in law got married, Spidey got strep throat, and we got Netflix!
It was Spidey's first time having strep and he was miserable.
Then, Petey got strep throat and ended up at the emergency room because we thought there was more going on. There wasn't. Maybe I'm just overprotective.

I wrote a short post about why I'm too happy to be this sad. Though my circumstances are different, that same concept still rings true today!

Petey had her 1st dance concert of 2013. It was hectic to get her there and it was raining and they were dancing outside but she did it!
Immediately after her dance performance, we headed over to Carlsbad because it's a family tradition!
This year, we went to LEGOLAND and both of the kids were big enough for the rollercoasters they wanted to do.
We celebrated my brother in law's wedding and had a wonderful time there.
The last thing we did in March was celebrate Easter.

Stay tuned for next week's review!


Nicole said...

Since I'm new here I'm assuming Petey is the one with the gorgeous blue eyes? The picture I'm referring to is the one where she's sitting in a folding chair in a purple blanket. GORGEOUS eyes! Strep throat sounds AWFUL! Poor kiddos!

Emmy said...

So many of these recaps I have read today start with people being sick- winter time sucks! Love the beach shot, they both look so happy to be there; we love the beach just usual not in March as we are such wimps (and spoiled) now. Petey has the best eyes!

So glad you are recapping with us again!

Janette @ The Johanson Journey said...

You have some seriously adorable kiddos!! Love all the pics, even if they are sick in some of them. I really want to go to Legoland.. looks so big/fun!! :)

Shell said...

Your kids are cuties!

We've ended up at the emergency room when there really wasn't anything major going on- but it's hard not to worry!