Friday, October 8, 2010

Flashback Friday

On this Flashback Friday, there is a special person I would like to honor. Spidey turned 1 yr old yesterday so flashback day is all his.
This picture was taken after we got home from the hospital with our new little bug. Nana and Papa had been watching Petey that day and brought her home a little while after we got there. This is her meeting her brother. She was very unsure of him, as the picture will show.
Almost exactly 1 yr later, she couldnt love the kid more. She is always trying to help with her brother and play with him. And this boy has made this first year a breeze. He is always happy and smiling and lately has started showing a goofy side to his personality. I love it!
I cant believe it's been a year already. Spidey was supposed to stay little---didnt he get the memo? We love our little boy so much and couldnt imagine life without him.
Happy birthday, Spidey Bubs!

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