Thursday, October 14, 2010

It can happen in a second

Bad things really only take seconds to happen. Sometimes we take for granted our healthy children. Actually we probably do that A LOT of the time.
Yesterday, my SIL, Juli, and I decided to take our kids to Sam's Club together. I also had my nephews but was still determined to get to the store that morning so off we went with 6 kids under the age of 5. Crazy? Yes, we are.
We got through the shopping with nothing more than a couple of fighting and antsy children and as we were checking out, I was thinking how lucky we were to have no major disasters. Of course, I "thought" a little too soon.
I was loading my stuff onto the belt to pay for my stuff when I heard a crack. I literally thought someone had dropped a huge can of beans onto the tile floor until the cashier and Juli bolted for the other side of Juli's cart. I looked in her cart, counted her 2 children, and immediately knew it was my girlie that had fallen out of the cart. The rushed her into my arms and the back of her head was read and her nose was bleeding. I took her into the bathroom while Juli used my card to pay for my stuff. My poor Petey girl wouldnt let me put her down so I carried her out to the car.
As we were walking out, I noticed she was extremely pale and lethargic so I chose to drive her over to my dad's pediatric office down the street. He was out of town but his awesome partner, Dr Leavitt, saw us immediately. He said her head was bruised and possibly cracked but there was no reason to get an xray unless we thought she might have a concussion.
I watched my girly closely all afternoon and things seemed normal except that she was a lot more clumsy (running into walls, tripping randomly, etc) so I called my dad who said that was not normal and if it continued, she would need to go to the hospital.
We went out to take pictures for Spidey's first birthday and she seemed fine but on the way back, she had 2 staring spells where I couldnt get her attention for at least 15 seconds. I set my path for the hospital and called the Boss at work.
He met me at home and took our Bubs and I took Petey to the hospital. My awesome dad called ahead so we got right in, saw the dr, and got the xrays. She was SOOO brave and didnt move or cry during the xrays. I was so proud of her. They gave her a popsicle and she was happy as can you will see below. :)

The xrays came back negative and because she was acting fine at the hospital, they decided not to do the CT scan unless she was acting funny because of the radiation she'd be put under. They sent us home with strict orders to wake her up every 2 hours to make sure she could be aroused and watch for signs of concussion.

The night went well but she slept in our bed and I'm exhausted! She was punching and kicking us all night long and I hardly got any sleep. But it's worth it for my little princess.

She is acting great this morning and things seem fine.

But please give your babies an extra hug today. Even though things turned out well for us in the end (or so we are still praying), bad things only take seconds to happen.

And that's how Suze sees it.

PS: Happy birthday to ME today!!! Lot's of free meals coming my way today.


Jenna said...

I'm so glad she's OK, Suze! It's so scary when kids hit their heads.

kelly said...

Wowza, lady. What an experience. As I was reading this Ted looked at my face and asked what I was reading because I looked like I was in pain. Well I WAS! That must have HURT. Poor sweet girl.