Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Madness

What made me laugh today?

Seeing my mom snag some frosting off the side of my cake. (Ok so this was from yesterday...still made me laugh when I looked at the picture again today)
What made me frustrated?

Putting this girly in time out 5 times in a row because she refused to listen to me.
What did I spend a lot of time doing?
Well, today as I was rummaging through clothes for Petey to wear, I realized there were so many clean clothes right in front of me but I had a certain style in mind for her and so I kept rummaging. So today I realized I spend A LOT of time getting her ready for the day. Is that normal? She sure looked cute though. :)
What stressed me out today?

My mischevious little monkey of a boy. He seriously pushed that chair over to the lights and started turning them on and off. What the??? He doesnt even walk yet! This boy wears me out. He gets into everything.
Later that same day, I found him on the same chair playing with the door handle. Seriously???!!
What made me happy today?

Getting my vinyl quote put up on the door. Of course, Boss came home and told me it wasnt the best idea because we cant take it with us if we move but I didn't care. I love it for the time being. :)
What did I think would be fun today?

Taking my kids to the play place at the mall...little did I know, Spidey would be obsessed with climbing up that slide and being in the way for about 10 million other children so I was constantly getting up and moving him. It wasn't as much fun as it normally is. Oh well. :)

How was your Monday Madness?

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