Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Madness

What made me laugh today?

Editing these pictures I took yesterday at my parent's house. My mom has some hilarious Halloween costumes and the kids (and maybe adults too) decided to play dress ups.
Who was Ms. Silly Pants at our house?

Petey girl! She was dancin' and groovin' for my pictures today (and in between all her dancin' and groovin', she was a sassy, cranky toddler).
What did I learn today?
Don't give a toddler a candy bar in the car...or anywhere, for that matter. She may just make a huge mess of it. And then she may rub her eyes right before falling asleep.
What did I love doing today?

Petey's hair. I've always wanted to start a hair blog but I think I'll just post the hair do's on here when I find new cute ones. This one is a side pony tail but we have to improvise since her hair isn't long enough yet. Sorry, I'm not good at taking step by step pictures yet.
What did I make today?

Not dinner, if you're thinking that's the answer. I had planned on making parmesan chicken but we got home from the store at 6:30pm and my kids were starving and screaming so we had pb&j's instead. :)
I made a Halloween ornament for my door. From scratch! All by myself. I didn't even use a tutorial. I've seen these pin wheel looking things before so I just got out my colored paper and went to town figuring it all out.
In short, my Monday Madness (and my weekend) has mostly been filled with a cranky toddler, a needy 1 yr old, a tired husband, and a mom that found about a million crfat blogs to waste her time looking at. :) But we all find time for each other and are grateful for these wonderful cards we've been delt.
A cranky toddler and a needy 1 yr old and a tired husband are 100 times better than no toddler, no 1 yr old, and no husband. Trust me. If you are experiencing what I am, be grateful we are experiencing what we are and not something truly tragic.
And that's how Suze sees it.

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kelly said...

Petey is so stinkin' cute in these pictures. She made me want to dance!! :) Great post, made me smile.