Saturday, October 23, 2010

Flashback Friday

Good morning, Saturday. My "I have a cooking handicap" post took up Friday so we are actually doing Flashback Saturday today. :)

Today, I wasnt quite sure of a certain photo or time frame to pick so I decided to pick the 7th picture from my 50th album. Seriously, I have A LOT of albums. Anyway, this is what I found.

This picture was taken one morning when I was meeting Boss' Mom at the high school to drop off my kids (way closer than driving them out to Queen Creek). Petey was bored and so I let her come sit up with me...only in a parked position, of course. She found my mirror and thought ti was the greatest thing ever invented. I love this picture of her. I love a lot of pictures of her. She is so beautiful.
This brings me back to the many memories I have of dropping my children off at various places. Between June and July, I think I cried dropping them off more than I didn't. For some reason, those months were getting more and more difficult for me and who knew that only a month after that, I'd make the plunge and stay home with them.
It's hard...don't get me wrong...but I don't cry and my heart doesnt break when I leave them places because I know I am raising them. I know they are learning and growing (or not doing so) because of me. It is absolutely 100% worth the pay cut we took to do this. And I would absolutely encourage any mother that wants to be home with her kids to look into your budget and see just how far you can cut it down to stay home with your kids.
Because in the end, money means nothing and family means everything.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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