Friday, October 8, 2010

Full Size

Whoever invented the full size bed sure wasn't thinking clearly. Not that it isn't a good sized bed for the average single person...I just don't know who decided it should be named "full". You see, my husband and I sleep on a "full size" mattress and it is anything but full. Maybe another 5 feet and I would consider it full. Maybe.
Anyway...Boss was trying to go to sleep last night and we kept bumping into each other and rolling over and trying to get comfortable while trying to shove the other as close to the edge as possible. He finally said to me, "Ill give you a dollar if you go sleep on the couch." and I said heck no! He upped the price to $20 and then to $100 and I still refused. Finally, he offered the greatest thing in the world. He said if I slept on the couch, he would clean the entire kitchen the next day. Talk about an offer you can't refuse. The dishes are piled up in my kitchen, there are crumbs and other food stains everywhere and I just havent gotten the guts to tackle it. Maybe if he'd have looked it over before making the offer, he would've kept his mouth shut.
So onto the couch I went and Boss gets to clean the entire kitchen for me today. Booyah! If only he knew that he got the short end of the deal...because I sleep like a baby on the couch. :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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