Monday, October 18, 2010


Last week, I celebrated my 23rd birthday...old!!! Just kidding.
I was given a total of $150 for shopping money between my mom and my husband.
Since I have 2 kids, babysit another kid, and had lots to do last weekend, I wasnt planning on spending any of my money just yet.
But on my actual birthday, the Boss and I went on a date and decided to go see a movie. The movi didnt start for 1 1/2 hrs so we walked around San Tan mall.
I contemplated going in Forever 21 to shop around but Boss hates that store with a passion.
Boss tried to get me into the running shoe store but there was NO way I was spending ALL of my money on running shoes...what fun is that? Plus I already have a good pair.
We kept walking when I remembered a very fun store nearby.
The Disney Store.
I told Boss I wanted to just walk around and show him all the awesome costumes for both of my kids in the store. Boss thought it sounded fun so we went inside. I told him I wouldn't buy any dress ups because they were only 25% off right now, making them still $30 but when we walked inside, half of the dress ups were marked down to 40%.
*cue thoughts of buying every 40% dress up in the store*
Boss said it was my money and I could do with it what I want so I decided to pick 1 dress up for each kid.
For Petey, I was immediately drawn to the Tinkerbell costume. Not a huge ball gown dress but perfect for my spunky little 2 yr old. For Spidey...nothing. I couldn't find a boy costume in the 40% off rack that I liked.
So we continued on and came to the pajamas.
Boss starts pulling me over to the cutest pajamas you have ever seen for our Bubs. I had planned on making their Christmas pj's since I'm trying to make everything homemade but nope...we couldnt pass up the sale for these Buzz Lightyear pj's. And in order to get them so cheaply, we had to buy a 2nd set of pj's so we picked out tinkerbell pj's for Petey.
Yes, all in all, Petey came out with more than her brother this time.
But even better than that is that Boss says I dont have to pay for their Christmas pj's out of my birthday money. Yahoo! More birthday money for me.

All of this story just made me realize how much I love my kids. At times, it makes me equally if not more happy to buy things for them as I feel buying things for myself. If you've ever seen your child with that ecstatic look opening up a present they love, you know what I mean.

Their happiness is my happiness.

I love these sweet blessings I have been given to raise in this life. They mean the world to me.

But since one of them (Spidey) is sick,possibly teething, and screaming right now, I had better cut this off and go cuddle him.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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