Friday, October 22, 2010

I have a cooking handicap...The end.

Oh the joys of cooking meals for my family. And by joy, I mean frustration. :)
I try to follow recipes to a T. I try. And yet, my food almost always tastes like crap.
Remember how I made manicotti on Monday night? husband wont touch it. And I wont even touch it. It was good when I was really hungry for dinner but as my tummy filled up, I realized how not good it was.

Then there was Phase 2: Bruschetta. This was the ONLY thing I've made this week that I liked and almost ate the entire thing of. Yum. The recipe called for A LOT of basil and though it tasted good at the time, you'll hear about the end result with Phase 3.
Phase 3 was homemade pizza. How could anybody screw this one up with premade dough from Fresh and Easy (my favorite!)? I got smart and decided to spread the leftover bruschetta on the pizza and just add some tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. I thought I was becoming quite savvy with cooking until I ate that pizza. Basil up the wazoo! Maybe the flavor of the basil had just soaked into the leftovers and become WAY too much in 24 hours. Whatever it was, I did not like the homemade pizza. On the other hand, of course Boss thought it was pretty good. Of course...the one meal I hated.
Phase 4 was homemade macaroni and cheese. You see, that was supposed to be Phase 3 (Wednesday's meal) but I realized we had no milk or worchestershire sauce that night so we did pizza instead. [Notice I made 3 italian meals in a row? I didnt even realize that!] The macaroni and cheese wouldve been pretty good but the ratio of noodles to sauce that the recipe called for was WAY off in my opinion. There were times I was just eating plain sauce and it was too cheesy for me. I could probably tweek it if I made it again to taste better.

I guess I'm just a bit discouraged. If Phase 5 (Chili Verde) doesn't work out tonight, I may just have to hire a chef. Or eat prepackaged meals. Or starve. Who knows. I am very very VERY proud that I have cooked 5 homemade meals this week. I am serious when I say I have never done that in our entire marriage...or actually in my entire life, for that matter. But I wish something would actually taste good enough to eat again the next day. How does my mom do it? She is always cooking awesome meals and I have always loved eating the leftovers. "sigh".

Wish me good luck tonight...and forever. Hopefully my cooking becomes better with time.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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kelly said...

Look for my email. This totally broke my heart, friend. You CAN do it!! Just hang in there!!