Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Madness

Oh the Monday Madness is over.
Today was a busy busy day. I had 3 different grocery stores to go to, had to watch G-man for a couple of hours, and wanted to go clothes shopping in the afternoon. AND...I had a yummy dinner planned so I wanted to be back in time to prepare it. Phew! Miraculously, we got everything done!

What made me sad today?

Realizing that my kids are growing up too fast. Notice Spidey is standing up right there by himself. He does that constantly.
And notice Petey just looks like she's 10 yrs old here. Yeah...she's way too big too fast. I swear she was born yesterday.
What did I splurge on today?

A Belle costume for Hayley. She now has all of the princesses and Tinkerbell (though her other princess dresses are not even half as fancy as this one). We read Beauty and the Beast and talked about how princesses are nice to other people for FHE. You get creative when you need to keep a 2 yr old interested in the lesson. :)
What did I decide to rename Petey?

Princess Dirty Feet. :)
What made me feel domestic today?

Making manicotti. Yeah it was way different than the recipe, since halfway through putting the ingredients together, I forgot I was cutting the recipe in half and started putting full measurements of certain ingredients in. Oh well. I thought it tasted good. The Boss probably wont.
What proved that we had a busy day today?

This picture of my Bubs sleeping in his high chair at 6pm. He even had a great nap today so this shows that I really wore him out today. *crossing my fingers he still sleeps all night*

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