Friday, November 19, 2010

Altering a dress shirt

I bought a really cute shirt (technically a dress but too short for my liking so I usually pair it with jeans or leggings) about 6 months ago without trying it on. Brave, I know. I never do that. But it was unusually cheap and I didnt have time to try it on (nor did I have the patience with 2 kids tagging along). I got home and was excited to try it on but was sad when I found out it was extremely tight on my chest.
You see, I do not have a small chest---quite the opposite, actually, so sometimes it's hard for me to find clothes that fit right.
That's where sewing comes in.
I altered my dress and it fits a lot better now! Curious as to how?

Here is the dress. Isnt it cute and sunshiney?
I started by cutting the chest part at the seams so I had 2 pieces. Make sure to keep them attached to the straps so you dont have to worry about sewing that again when you're done.
I found a piece of brown fabric and pinned the edges, with right sides facing each other. I sewed along the line, removing the pins as I went.
Next, I needed to round out the triangles so that the part attaching to the sides of the dress was smaller (because adding the brown meant extra fabric attaching to the side of the dress).
Then, I just pinned the chest parts to the brown fabric, right sides together, and sewed in a straight line and I was done!
I think it looks pretty cute! Still a bit snug but tons better than it was before.

And that's how Suze sews it!


kelly said...

know what that shirt dress needs? a fabric flower! hahaha ok, not really but just thought it was funny.

good work on making a cheap buy work for you!

The Ballard's said...

Love it! I have a dress like that as well and I didnt know what to do to fix it! Thanks for the idea!

Shalyn and Cooper said...

Love this- you are so talented girl!

Spencer and Jessica Drew said...

very cute! you are so good at that!