Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday Madness

Good morning, Tuesday!
Monday Madness was filled with almost no computer time and almost all play time...as it should be. These kids, they jus grow up too fast and they need me in that process. Hence the reason, I'm going to write this really fast and get them up and out to the park today.

What did we play today (yesterday)?

I think we were playing on Petey's bed for almost an hour. The kids thought it was hilarious that I would throw her blankets on top of them.
Who changed today (yesterday)?

My Bubs. Look how skinny he is! I swear this happened over night. He must've had a huge growth spurt and not gained any weight because he looks so tall and lanky to me right now. Isn't he adorable? Did you notice his haircut? I did that myself...and Boss was so mad at me. :)
What made me laugh today?

Spidey's face when Petey went to give him a kiss. He likes having personal space because she is constantly in his face.
What is driving me crazy right now?

Spidey. As cute as this boy is, he is such a monkey and it's driving me bonkers! Last week, I found him on my kitchen table so I've been keeping my chairs pushed in to see if that helps. Yesterday, I found him up on the chair...
...trying so hard to sit up. :)
What frustrated me today?

My little girly girl stuck her elbow in the chair and was screaming because she couldn't get it out. I went over and helped her and I didnt even have time to sit back down before she did it again. Seriously! :)
What made me laugh so hard m stomach hurt?

This video...I think this would be my first video ever to put up. Apparently, Petey is a karate kid. Boss always jokes and says he is going to karate chop her when they are playing and now she's started doing this all over the house. :)

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