Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Madness

Welcome to my Monday Madness. Today was---busy, exhausting, happy, productive, lazy.

What was staring me down today?

The evil dishes. I took the weekend off from doing them and this is what I got in return. And yes, the dishwasher was fully loaded and running at this time. I washed the rest of the dishes by hand because I couldn't stare at them any longer.

What change did we make in our home?

Petey is back in the crib after a month of being in her big girl bed. 6:30 mornings just werent doing it for me and refusing to take naps wasn't doing it for her---so we're back in the crib and loving our new-old routine. It's not a bad thing in my eyes and it wasnt a punishment for her (she actually thought it was a "new bed" again and was way excited to sleep in it...apparently she has memory loss from a month ago), it's just better right now. She did great in the big girl bed and we'll get back there someday.

Who was orange today?

Well, Spidey, of course. The boy was in an orange shirt, he has an orange nose (due to all the veggies we feed him...isn't that funny?), and he had sweet potatoes all over his face.

What did I accomplish today?

A baby shower gift for a friend of mine. Her baby girl is going to look adorable in these bows.

What was my theme treat?

Apparently, marshmellows, though I didn't realize it until the end of the day. I sat down and drank hot chocolate after the kids went down for a nap---because I can---and because I needed it. I had a horrible headache today and have been overly exhausted lately.

And we made rice krispie treats to take to my parents house for FHE.

What made me smile today?

My brother requesting to hold my son. Spidey was squirming and pushing away from him and Wilbur-force was getting worried that he was going to fall. They finally both stayed still long enough for a cute picture.

How was your Monday?
And that's how Suze sees it.


Ana Franco said...

Great job on the dishes Suze! My dishes keep staring at me and screaming "Clean me" just no energy. So I think I will go grocery shopping and to scrapbook barn instead. And I say Good for you, what makes you stay sane and Petey happy works! If only I could get my son to sleep til 10a. He wakes about 7-7:30 like clock work. But he does go down for his 2 naps. One mid morning and one in the afternoon, so no complaining from me.: )

Suzanne M said...

Ana, most days the dishes just stare at me and I walk away---or run away---and find something else to do at the other end of the house. Ive learned that whatever room is cleanest in my house is where I gravitate. So I have to force myself to stare at the messy rooms until I finally give up and clean them. :)Its my own personal battle.