Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Madness

What did we learn today?

Petey and Cousin learned about the letter 'A'. We sang a song about 'A', played some games, and glued pompom balls to a letter 'A' for each of them to have. Later in the day, my girly made me so proud when she came and pointed to my shirt and said, "Mom, there's an 'A' on your shirt." And she was right! Ive been slacking on Tot School and wanted to started it back up so we started today and all week, we will be focusing on the letter 'A'.
What was a precious moment today?

Spidey and Cousin cuddling on the princess couch, watching a movie. I have no idea what my son is doing in the picture but it's the best one I got.
What was I thankful for today?

Two kids with the cutest curly hair. I love their hair right after baths when it's going all over the place.
What looked adorable today?

My kids in footed sleeper pajamas. I LOVE them---and can you believe Petey fits into her size 18mo footed pj's from last Christmas and they're actually a bit loose? Seriously!
Footed pajames are the best!

Did you have an eventful Monday? Comment if you stop by. I'd love to hear how your Monday was.
And that's how Suze sees it.

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