Friday, November 5, 2010

The Coolest Mom

I have the coolest mom.
What's that, you say? You have the coolest mom?
Not possible. Unless you're one of my siblings.

Does your mom have a trio of singing friends who like to dress up as Diana Ross and the Supremes and perform for people? (here she is reenacting "Stop in the name of love...")
Does your mom pass on her odd talents to your beautiful daughter who now dreams of one day becoming a fellow Supreme? (just kidding)
Does your mom dress up as "Your Worst Nightmare" complete with a fake leather jacket, bumble bee antennas, a nappy wig and a pig's nose? (bumble bee antennas, nappy wig and pig's nose not pictured below)
Does your mom read stories to your little girl whenever that little girl asks her to? (ok, it's likely your mother might do this one)
I thought not.
But my mom does.
My mom answers my phone calls whenever possible and will postpone dinner time to have a conversation with me.
If I can't find a babysitter, my mom has cancelled her own plans so that I can keep mine.
My mom passed down her love of writing to me---hence the reason I blog a lot. She gave me many things I am proud of.
She is pretty darn rad.
Yesterday, I lectured my little cousin-in-laws. I told them to love their mother when they are teenagers. She can and will be their best friend if they love and respect her. I wish I had done that with my own mother. But even through my mistakes and regrets, I show my love for my mother now. And now is what matters.
My mom is the coolest...and I hope you think the same about your mom (even though she's probably not cool enough to dress up as a Supreme...unless your name is Kami or Teesha).
And that's how Suze sees it.


Em said...

Yes, in fact my mom DOES have a singing trio of friends who dress up like the Supremes! I remember the day I walked by the bathroom and saw her painting those masks (while on her face). I'm glad she has your mom!

Glemser Family said...

Okay, so I TOTALLY need to see those three perform! Talk about hilarious!

Kambria Smith said...

haha. You must admit that my mom's a pretty close second ?!? And of course for me she's number one. haha! I hope we get to keep the tradition going when they get too old...