Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Madness

If you'll allow me to do a "Weekend Madness" post this week, you will actually get to see some pictures---because I didn't take a single picture today.


Because one of us is on breathing treatments, the other 2 are sick with sore throats/coughs, and Boss is busy with school. Our house isnt doing too well right now so blogs and picture taking were put on the back burner.

But today, I am here to tell you why I couldn't blog all weekend.

What did Petey and Spidey get to do for the first time last week?

Fly on an airplane!
Where did we go for Thanksgiving?

Snowy, Beautiful, Freezing Alaska!
Why did we go to Alaska?
Because the ASU Sun Devil Basketball team rocks and we love them that much. Seriously. My dad loves them and has taken us to away games on various occasions.

What did I feel like doing today?

Exactly what Petey did during our layover on the way home. Sleep! I lost so much sleep on the flights since they were during the night and I could NOT for the life of me get comfortable on the airplane (maybe because I had 22 pounds of baby attached to the front of me). Seriously---we left to come home after the game on Saturday and I didn't go to sleep until Sunday morning at 6am during a layover.
So there is my Monday/Weekend Madness. Spidey got sick right before we left for home and now we are all sick. The only thing we did today was go to the doctor for my baby boy to get a Decadron shot. Poor little guy...that shot bruises and hurts like crazy. But luckily, he is already doing better because of it!
Hope your Monday Madness was great!
And that's how Suze sees it!

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