Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Madness

What was my favorite part of our weekend?

Seeing Papa M snuggle up in his 10 foot long caterpillar watching a movie with his favorite 2 yr old granddaughters.
Who won the messy face award in our house today?

The same winner as every day. :)
What did we bake today?

Technically, we turned the oven to "bake" so we "baked" some cookies. Petey wanted turkey cookies so we bought these and whipped them up in 10 minutes. :)
What made me sad today?

Looking back at this picture I took of Spidey today and realizing that I cant hardly call him my Chubs anymore.
What did I accomplish today?

I finally made the garland for my "GIVE" letters. Tutorial to come.
What are we doing with the couch?

Oh just stocking up for our Arizona winter, of cours---or maybe there is something else. I'll let you know next Monday. :)
What did Petey do after The Real Boss told her not to?

Tried to brush her knotted hair, therefore getting the brush stuck.
What is Spidey's newest trick?

I found him doing this today and was laughing so hard. He breathes out his nose as hard as he can while he does it. I spent a good 5 minutes trying to get him to stop but then just realized that the saying is true. Boys will be boys. :)

I hope your Monday was full of crazy, good madness just as ours was. Happy Thanksgiving! I don't think you'll hear from me til after then so have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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