Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Present Crafts

There were a few things that I made my kids for Christmas that never made it to tutorials on my blog...sorry!
I decided to post them here and send you to the links of where I got the original tutorials.

First up, Petey's new crayon roll. I found this tutorial on Make It and Love It and Petey LOVES it. I knew my sister in law was sewing quiet bags for my kids to take to church so I tried to find ideas that would go along with that.
The next present Petey opened was a quiet book for church. I found the tutorial for this on my friend, Leah's, blog.

The last project that I forget to mention on my blog were these awesome snakes I made for Spidey. I have no credit to give to another blog but have seen the idea in many different places.
Basically, Boss donated 2 of his old ties to me and I stuffed them. I hot glued both ends shut, hot glued a piece of red felt for the tongue and glued the eyes on.
Super simple and my boy LOVES them.
He sat in church on Sunday and just sucked on the snake's tongue...gross but it kept him quiet. :)
There's the surprised face again. I love this boy.

And that's how Suze crafts it.

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