Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Just in case you were wondering, I've given up on my link posts but I will continue to blog on Wild Wednesday. Maybe someday when I have more than 15 followers, the link posts can start back up. Oh well. :)

Today my baby girl is sick. Sick as sick can be. Fevers of 105. Puss bubbles in her throat (tmi?). Oh she is miserable. And her brother is still on breathing treatments.
Yeah it's a great day for our family.

But seriously, wasn't she an adorable angel?

And even though our kids are sick, I am so thankful for life today.

I am thankful that Christmas is in a couple of days and I had decided that Spidey's Christmas just wouldn't be as cool as his sister's (not that I need to be comparing) and then Santa Clause decided he had something else up his sleeve for our boy. My aunt contacted a bunch of us cousins about an awesome car rug she was giving away for free and I emailed her back right away and snatched it up for my son.

Thanks, Santa. You sure know how to make a mom's job easier.

And Spidey is going to love it.

I also asked Petey if she wanted Santa to bring her a baby doll or Tinkerbell dress ups for Christmas (since I had to swing her vote for one of those 2 things). The past couple of days, she was stuck on the Tinkerbell dress ups and then last night she said, "Mom, Santa is going to bring me Tinkerbell dress ups AND a baby doll."

Smart cookie, that Petey. Good thing she is getting both presents anyway...guess I'll put Santa's name on both of them. :)

Hope everyone is having a very thankful Wednesday.

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