Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Happy linky Wednesday! I've been up since 5am...and I normally get up around 9am.

All thanks to this little guy. Because he had a dirty diaper and was screaming his head off at 5am.
After changing him, I realized he had woken up another special someone who was wide awake. So I brought her to my bed.
Ten minutes later, I heard more screaming from Spidey. I went in to find he had pooped again. What?! So I changed him again, put him back to bed and he fell asleep again.
But guess who was still awake?
And guess who's daddy has finals today and needed sleep?
So we left the bed, came out to the couch and then just decided to go grocery shopping. One kid is easier than two...even at 5am.
Boy, am I exhausted...and it's 8:30 in the morning. But like every other Wednesday post, I am choosing to find the good in this.
  • At least I can be grateful that my kids are normally super sleepers and sometimes sleep in until 10 or 11.
  • At least when Petey was up, she was full of smiles and hasnt been hard to deal with all morning.
  • At least one of them went back to sleep.
  • At least I have kids...this is a big one. Throughout all of the things that go on in our world, infertility, child loss, etc, I am grateful to have healthy and happy children.

I am so grateful for my children...even on days that they wake me up at 5am. That surely isnt something to complain about.

And now it's your turn. Link up with a positive post of your own...about anything. You guys realize I will keep putting these link posts up and someday someone will link up with me. ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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