Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Madness

What is my favorite picture from the weekend?

This awesome picture of Nana hoisting Petey up to put a candy cane high up on the tree.
Who woke up with crazy hair today?

The answer is most definitely always Petey. Soon she will have short hair and will wake up with even crazier hair in the mornings.

What early Christmas present did I get?

A cricut! And I couldn't wait til Christmas to use it... I made this for my front door.
What did I find monkey boy up to today?

I turn my head for two seconds and this is where I find the kid. "sigh"...

What was our activity on our advent calendar today?

Making paper snowflakes! The kids had so much fun with them but in the end, I cut most of the shapes. :)
And lucky them (not so lucky me), they even got to add glitter. I asked how they wanted their glitter on the paper and they both said, "With squigglies!", so squigglies, we did!
What did I accomplish today?

I went on a bike ride, did yard work, put up more Christmas lights [you can never have too much], started Boss' big Christmas present, wrapped tons of presents, decorated the inside of our house, and put up our Christmas tree! (and so there were so many more things on my to do list. Anyone want to do dishes or laundry for me???)

Today was such a happy Monday Madness for me. I am happy when productive and productive, I was. :)
And that's how Suze sees it.

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kelly said...

Petey is getting a hair cut? Short?? Wow! Can't wait to see.

Your "Welcome" vinyl cut out is really cute!! I'd feel welcome!