Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Traditions-Part 1

Hopefully there are more parts to this but for now, I'll start off with one tradition we have kept for our small family.
Every year, on Christmas Eve, Santa's Elves drop off my kids Christmas pajamas. Since adopting this tradition, we've usually just wrapped their pajamas and let them open it but a while back, I saw a blog friend (wish I could remember who...if it was you, speak up!) write up a fun way to store the kids Christmas pj's in the same bucket every year.

So here's what you'll need for our fun project today:
  • empty paint can
  • scrapbook paper
  • mod podge
  • scissors
  • any cute embellishments you'd like

I started by sizing my scrapbook paper and cutting it the right length and height.

I mod podged the paper onto the paint can.

Then I added another piece of paper for the top half of the can.
I wanted to make Petey's frilly and girly so I added a tulle bow on the middle.
I cut out a circle of paper and mod podged it to the lid and added adorable rhinestones around (this is, by far, her favorite part to look at).
And that was it!

Here is a picture of both cans for the kids. I bought paint cans for Boss and myself but havent decorated them (Actually Boss said he wanted to decorate his own).
Petey already loves them and is excited for the elves to bring her a present on Christmas Eve.

And that's how Suze crafts it.

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Juli said...

Hey Suze!

The paint cans turned out really cute. Where did you end up finding them at?

Glad you liked the idea I gave you.