Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday Madness (on Tuesday again)

What was the crappiest part of our weekend?

Spidey having to go to the hospital after having a weird reaction to a scorpion sting. Scary, scary stuff. What did we do today(yesterday)?

Made gingerbread houses with my mom and brother. Petey's is on the left and my brother's is on the right...my mom claims that his got blown over in a snow storm. :) What made me happy today(yesterday)?

Seeing my brother sing in his Christmas choir concert. Where's Waldo? (or in this case, Where's Wilbur-force). Apparently "Sunday dress" doesn't mean wearing a full on suit to any other family but ours. :)

What domestic activity did I perform?

Making spaghetti sauce from scratch and having my husband LOVE it. I felt so accomplished. I did use frozen meatballs but I added some mustard and BBQ sauce to my tomato sauce and it actually worked out and gave it a nice tangy taste. Mmm...leftovers!

Hope you had a wonderful Monday Madness and that your Tuesday isnt too bad either. :)

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