Sunday, December 19, 2010

Many Happy Faces

My camera died last night.

The red battery light had been blinking for days and then it just died.

Of course, it died within seconds of us stepping foot on the Mesa Temple grounds to see the beautiful Christmas lights.
Of course, it died right as I told my pretty little princess to pose for a picture in front of the camels.
And of course, after it died and I had a second of being upset, Little Miss decided to escape under the strung lights and head for the camels...luckily I grabbed the back of her shirt just in time so no escaping happened.
So my camera died and I had lost the charger.
I. Was. Flustered.
Today was the Christmas program at our church and my kids were dressed in their Christmas outfits.
My camera was dead.

We put them to bed tonight and then I found my charger.



I wish I could've captured the many happy faces of yesterday and today.

This is the last picture I took before my camera died.

As of tomorrow, Petey will have worn that pettiskirt 3 days in a row...because that's how we roll. We have Christmas activities all of those days and my girly needs to be showing off her adorable outfit. :) Or moreso, I just want her in it. And she wants to be in it.

Trust me, it works out.

At the grocery store yesterday, I was bribing, yes bribing my girly with a treat if she behaved at the store. She had had a rough morning and I just needed a happy girl. Everytime she would frown and whine, I would say, "Show me your happy face." and her entire face would light up. She wanted that treat so badly.

And then after feeding her some of the treats she picked out (yogurt covered pretzels), we drove home and Boss reminded me that neither of our kids are allowed to have dairy right now (due to having diarrhea for over 10 days). Darn it!

She was extremely angry. I was extremely tired. She took a nap. I looked for my camera charger with no luck.

But thankfully, tonight brought me more luck.

I'm happy to have my camera to catch those many happy faces tomorrow.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Shalyn said...

I saw you at Walmart a couple days ago...but you were far away and I was in sweats with no makeup on. So, "hello!"- since I didnt say it then:-) Cute post. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. DUH, of course I have yo button!