Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Review Extravaganza-Part 3

Welcome to the third blogisode of my 2010 Review Extravaganza...hosted by:

Today's post reflects back on July, August and September.

Many changes came our way in July and August of 2010.

In July, Spidey received his first Toy Story themed of many since then. Papa decided since his nam matches the character in Toy Story's name, he should get all of the fun toys too.
We took lots of trips on the lightrail...
...and took trips to many different museusm in our area, thanks to my wonderful mom.
In July, we took family pictures with my family. I wondered if it was true what they say about red heads. I also made some changes and some more changes in our home.

August was one of the saddest and happiest months of the year.
I babysat my nephew, K Bear, for the last time this year.
We had a goodbye party at my parent's house for K Bear and his parents since they were leaving for China and below was the best picture we got...too bad my son was hugo-ginormous compared to his older sister so you cant really see her face.
Of course, the biggest part of August was when I became a stay at home mom. I started staying home on the exact day that I drove my sister and her family to the airport, where they would say goodbye to the US for 9 months and goodbye to Arizona for many more years after that. Saddest happy day of my life.
I cried a lot. I still miss them so much but thankfully, some genius invented Skype just for me.

In September, I started watching G-man.
And my sister in law and I started taking our kids to the temple once a week for a picnic.
I started hosting Monday Madness on my blog.
I was also learning how to be a stay at home mom through my struggles and triumphs.
September was a huge "mom" month for me since it was the huge test of whether we had made the right decision or not. So many people pulled me through that month and taught me so much of how truly important it is to be a mom. Maybe someday my kids will appreciate me as much as I've come to appreciate my own mother.
Stay tuned for next week's fourth and final review!
And that's how Suze sees it!


jen said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. It brings back so many memories of when my first two were babes. And it reminds me how much I've learned and how much Heavenly Father loves us.
Merry Christmas!

VandyJ said...

Looks like your summer was eventful. Glad the summer was good to you. Merry Christmas!

Emmy said...

Weekly picnics at the temple, ho awesome is that. Those first two pictures are so cute!!

Thanks for playing along.

shortmama said...

All the pics are just completely adorable!

Em said...

Why haven't I thought of weekly temple trips??? Great idea!!