Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Madness

Who has a silly daddy?

My kids! Boss likes to smush their faces and say they look like baby sharpe's. He is such a weirdo.
What was the hightlight of my day?

Playing on the swingset with Boss and Petey.
We got a little crazy and decided to swing upsidedown with no I used to do as a child.

It was 100 times harder to do than I remember it being. I used to hang like that for minutes...I think I lasted 3 seconds this time.
Petey loves playing on my parent's swingset.
What did we do tonight?
Celebrated "Christmas Eve" (our old Christmas Eve traditions before my dad's family got too big) with the G side of my family. Petey and George got to dress up and be in the play.
And Petey was front and center (because that's where the cutest angel goes) but of course, she was a bit unsure of it all so she just sat there with her fingers in her mouth the whole time. :)
What did we end our absolutely awesome day with?
Spidey holding this on his face for 30 minutes. Poor baby boy. He has such a hard time with his asthma. But at least at 14 months (actually he learned it at about 7 months), he can hold his own mask on.
How was your Monday Madness? Are you ready for Christmas? I have everything wrapped and under the tree besides one tiny present that I need to go grab at the store. Yay me!

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