Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday Madness (on Tuesday again)

Why didnt I blog yesterday?

Because I was throwing up and super duper uper shmooper sick so I went to bed at 6pm.

What will this Monday Madness entail?

Some of my favorite Christmas pictures...none of which have anything to do with Monday. :)

What made me laugh on Christmas?

Capturing this excited face. Apparently, he was uber excited about unwrapping that book!
Who was flashing smiles ALL morning?

This grateful little princess. I loved seeing her smiles with everything she unwrapped.
What was MY favorite Christmas gift?

Boss' parents gave our family a wagon. I almost cried. I have been wanting one for a while but couldn't justify buying one since I already have strollers and things. I am LOVING it!
Who zonked out at the end of our busy day?

Petey. On Aunt Gigi's lap. It was awesome. :)

I hope you had a very merry Christmas.
And I hope if you are sick like me that you feel better soon...because I want to be a mom again instead of a couch potato.

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kelly said...

Don't think I didn't catch that Sid reference.

Lame! I was sick from Christmas Eve until yesterday night... hopefully I've shaken it FINALLY! Not as sick as you (no puking, just close calls a few times) but being sick is yucky no matter how sick you are. So get rid of you super sickness soon, friend! And Merry Belated Christmas. LOVE the pics! :)