Monday, December 13, 2010

Redecorating Kid's Bathroom

I redid the kid's bathroom this past week because it was boring me.
First, I started by putting my Cricut to work. I know, my kids' real names. *gasp!* It's ok. I already knew I was posting a picture of it. But the vinyl above each of their towel hangers looks adorable.
Petey knows which one is hers and loves helping me hang her towel up. (and I took this picture right after putting the vinyl up...there are no more bubbles in it now)
Then we added a very colorful shower curtain...because my kids are so bubbly and colorful and their bathroom needed to feel brighter.
I found a shelf at Hobby Lobby that I spray painted a dark brown.
And that became my bow holder. I bought a curtain hanger at Walmart that adjusts to fit in the shelf. Then I hot glued a bunch of random ribbons to the bar...
...and then I added all of Petey's bows. Love it! As soon as I can find a cute, cheap frame, I will be blowing up a picture of my kids to put on the shelf. The temple picture wont be staying there for long.

It makes me so much happier to walk into their bathroom now and Petey loves it too. Spidey is a boy and like his dad, doesn't care one way or the other. :)

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kelly said...

And Spidey is ONE so that helps the lack of excitement on decorating and changes :) SO cute, though, lady. I can't believe how many hair accessories you have for Hay. That's INTENSE! He have about 10 bows and a couple flowers :( I can never find anything to match my kids purple clothes... or pink for that matter. How does that happen??