Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Repurposed: Jeans into Skirt

My name is Suzanne and I am a Pinterest addict.
Phew, so glad I finally admitted that.
I signed up for Pinterest 3 days ago and have been it's newest addict since then.
One of my first "re-pins" was for a cute little skirt over on Mary Janes and Galoshes. I immediately thought of a pair of pants Petey had gotten holes in on our recent trip to Carlsbad.

So last night, I got brave and started following her tutorial. I took the very cute pair of jeans (they are actually "jeggings" and Petey hasnt even completely grown into them...so you can understand how sad I was when she got a hole in the bum)...

And I cut the jeans right below the pockets.

I didnt take pictures of the next part but you can find it on the tutorial above. I cut two strips of fabric, one of them was 4 inches and one of them was 6 inches, and hemmed one long side of each.

I then sewed the two pieces of fabric together on the non-hemmed side. I was going to attempt my first ruffle but it didnt work out. Maybe I didnt make a big enough stitch but when I tried to pull one of the threads, it didnt budge. I was pretty bummed but decided I'd try a different approach.

So I pinned little tiny pleats around the raw edge.

Then, I pinned the fabric to the cut off jeans and slowly sewed around the whole thing, being careful to take the pins out as I went.

And there you have it! I think it turned out adorable.

And Miss Petey agrees. She was so happy when she saw it on the couch waiting for her this morning.

And that's how Suze sews it.

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Andrea and JP said...

I LOVE this! I want to make one and I don't even have a girl yet! I'm trying to think if my son has any ripped jeans I can use. :)