Friday, October 14, 2011

The 24th Year of my Life

Today was a most fabulous of days. My birthday is usually one of my favorite days of the year and today ranked at the top of my list of favorite birthdays.

I was awoken at 9:30 (yes, you read that right...NINE THIRTY!) to a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on my nightstand. As any other person would do, I smiled and layed back down until 10am. :)

At 11am, we dropped the kids off with my mom and headed out for a surprise day of fun. The only thing I knew was that we would be seeing a movie.
Well, that wonderful guy, he surprised me by stopping at the mall and endured a shopping trip for 1.5 hours just for me. Since he knows I usually spend my birthday money on things for our kids, he wanted to take me out and make sure I spent all my money on me. And that, I did.

After shopping, we walked over the movie theater and saw Courageous. And it was the best. Really. I have never seen a movie that moved me to tears like this movie did. I wish you would all go see it, or rent it (or heck, just buy it) when it comes out.
After the movie, we stopped at Joe's Farm Grill to pick up my free birthday dinner. Mmm Mmm Good!

It was a wonderful birthday and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life who loves me to pieces.

And I know you have all been waiting for my super-de-duper-awesome video to be posted on here and after making last night's excuse, I wanted to try and get it done today if I had any free time.
Well, lucky for you, after dinner was that time!
And you voted for this, therefore you are not allowed to laugh (or just don't tell me you laughed). But I made a promise and as funny as I look in the video, I am stickin' to that promise.

Have fun watching and sweet October dreams!


Andrea and JP said...


Jenna said...

YEAH! Go you!

Sounds like you had an awesome, awesome birthday!

mindy said...

Look at u go! U are pretty dang awesome!!

Kelli said...

Wow!! I'm super impressed with your trampoline skills! I'm proud of you for v-logging.