Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mayonnaise and Dry Erase Markers

So my poor, poor hair. It has gone through a lot this year. It has gone brown, blonde, blonde, blonde, blonde, brown, and then red/brown. And well, my poor hair hasn't really liked all of these changes and it has become brittle and breaks often.
I've missed my healthy, soft, long, beautiful hair (picture taken April 2010).
So I decided something needed to be done. I found a link on Pinterest where someone put mayonnaise in their hair, which sounded hilarious and kind of gross but I was desperate for a cheap fix (because I can't afford $20/bottle shampoo right now...or ever).
Yes, that is mayonnaise in my hair. I was actually doing just fine until the smell of mayonnaise consumed my entire house. My brother in law came home and immediately asked what I had done. Don't worry, bro, it's just mayonnaise in my hair.
I left the mayo in for 20 minute and put a shower cap on so it didn't get messy.
I then showered like normal, shampooing and using conditioner in my hair. I noticed a difference when I was combing my hair out before bed but thought maybe I was noticing a difference because I wanted a difference.
But then this morning happened. I woke up and went to brush through my hair and it was easy! And I didn't lose as much hair! And then I thought I'd be crazy and actually straighten my hair. Piece. Of. Cake.

Yeah, it may not be completely back to what it was but I bet if I do the mayo trick a couple more times, it'll be as soft as a baby's bottom. Or not. :)

Also, today I had to share with you a fun thing I made for the Petey girl. For my birthday, my mom got me a laminator. Yes! I was trying to decide what I would laminate first when I came across another idea---yup, you guessed it!---on Pinterest.

I printed these tracing patterns online and laminated each one individually and all morning, Petey was practicing tracing them with a dry erase marker.

And to my surprise, she did really well! I briefly explained to her to trace each line and when I came back into the room a while later, she had done most of them and had done them well! I'm thinking this is going to be a regular thing in our house for her to practice. I could even throw in the ABC's numbers and other things for her to trace.

I have a feeling I'm going to go laminator crazy and laminate everything I can think of. :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Jenna said...

Glad the mayo helped your hair!