Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday in Pictures

This post is going to be really long...just a fair warning ahead of time.
I took so many pictures for Spidey's birthday and wanted to share our day of events with you.
The night before Spidey's birthday, Nana, Papa, Fatty(uncle), Katie(uncle's gf), and Leezer(cousin) came to see him since they would be out of town for his birthday. Our lucky boy got spoiled with a huge bag of duplos and a big Tonka truck.

He has already put the truck (and his sister) to work, pushing him around the house. :)

Uncle Fatty even pushed him around for a bit.

And of course, he had to dump out the duplos and play with those. :)

Leezer and Petey mostly just played in the playroom. The reason they were all leaving town was to move Leezer and her familly back to Utah. So this was hers and Petey's last time to play for a while.

The next morning, Spidey woke up to balloons in the front room. He was excited but was too tired to show it for the camera. :)

After breakfast, we got him dressed in the shirt Nana and Papa gave him and he wanted to play with the recorder and spider he had gotten from his aunt and uncle the night before too.

A while later, I found him like this in the playroom. Silly boy.

Then, we let him open one present from us so could go and take pictures of him. We got him Hamm, Rex, and the alien from Toy Story. (You'll be seeing that theme throughout this whole birthday)

As far as pictures go, this is the best one I got. It was a bust. He did not want to stand still and he actually started crying after a bit so we left.

In the afternoon before naptime, Boss took the kids out and played on the trampoline. They LOVE it when daddy plays with them. He is much more fun than mommy. :)

Then during Spidey's naptime, I decorated for his party. My sis in law, Juli, won a giveaway and this banner was one of the things she got but she gave it to me. It doesnt exactly match but I think it's adorable and put it up anyway.

Boss and I decorated the Toy Story alien cupcakes and I think they turned out adorable.

Spidey ended up only napping for less than an hour and was super cranky by the time everyone got there. He seemed to be fussy most of the day and we actually watched 5 different movies. All he wanted was for mommy to hold him. I'm glad he isn't sick because I was worried that is what it would be. So when everyone got here for his party, he was overstimulated and was being a grouch. He just wanted to watch another movie so I turned it on and let him sit on top of the table so he could see it.

We had hot dogs for his birthday (one of his favorite foods) with a bunch of different toppings to put on them.

Then, it was present time!

First, Spidey opened these cute slippers. He was SO excited and asked me to put them on him (you'll see them in almost every other picture).

Then, he opened this cute Toy Story cup.

Then, he got Toy Story fruit snacks and 3 pairs of Toy Story socks.

And though you can barely see, he got two shirts. After the first present or two, he would just open a present and throw the item on the ground. Hence the reason, it is hard to see what he gets in each one. :)

My parents got him this "Bubba" (bubble) mower. He LOVES it.

And Petey got him this Toy Story backpack.

And he got Toy Story 3!

His big present from us was a Toy Story couch. He is always laying on Petey's princess couch so we knew it was time to get him his own.

Then, it was time to sing happy birthday! He was SO excited about the candle...

...and he blew it out all by himself! I was so proud.

He ended his birthday by devouring his alien cupcake. He didn't get half as messy as last year. :)

It was such a fun day and we were so glad we could make it special for our special little man.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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