Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quick Snacks

I have been on the lookout for healthy snack ideas for my kids.
My kids are the weirdest eaters (actually, they are probably as normal as most other children...but it still seems weird). Petey will finish 4 bowls of cereal at breakfast time, wait 5 minutes, and start asking when it's snack time.
Boss and I decided that we were going to implement a snack time every day because the kids don't need to be eating all day long. So they usually eat at 7:30-8am, snack at 10:30am, lunch at 12:00pm, Petey gets a snack while Spidey naps around 2:30pm, and we eat dinner around 5:00pm. Then, sometimes, they get another snack before bed. This has made a big difference for us and makes eating time a lot easier.
We also decided that snack times were to be held at the kitchen table, so as not to let the kids get used to walking around the house with food in their mouths.
So as I was saying, I needed healthy snack ideas! I didn't want to be giving my kids goldfish and fruit snacks at every snack time.
I found an idea on Pinterest from The Accidental Hostess, where she put grapes on wooden skewers and put the in the freezer, for a much healthier popsicle treat. I decided to make a variation of this treat and use blueberries too, since my kids LOVE blueberries.
So here are my lovely skewers (not frozen in the picture). I actually used really long toothpicks that we already had on hand but once we use all those up (if we ever do), I'll probably get the long skewers. My kids both ate 3 of these "popsicles" for snack yesterday and ate a couple more today. Also, today I tried Ants on a Log. I used to eat these when I was little and loved them but now I get a small allergic reaction to celery (among almost every other fruit and vegetable) and so I don't eat celery often. The kids loved them! Ok, actually I thought Spidey had eaten his really fast and it turns out licked all the peanut butter out and threw the celery behind his chair. "sigh". But Petey liked the celery. :)
I also found a list of 25 Toddler Friendly Snacks (Ok, the link is only if you click on the "5". Not quite sure why that is happening). I tried cottage cheese today and my kids weren't big fans. I take that back, Spidey was a HUGE fan of painting with it and throwing it on the floor but neither of the kids ate much of it.
It takes a lot more work to not only think about the 3 meals a day my kids are eating but also remember to keep their snacks healthy. But hey, I'm trying! :) And practice makes perfect. Soon enough, I won't have to think twice before giving my kids a healthy snack versus an "easy" one.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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