Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My kids are really funny

It is so much fun to see my kids learn and grow together.

Even 6 months ago, they just didn't play very well together because they don't have the same interests. Petey loves baby dolls, dress ups, and playing pretend. Spidey loves cars, balls, and wrestling.

Lately though, they have been so cute and play so well together.

The most surprising thing to me is seeing that Petey now loves to wrestle with Spidey. He has been trying to get her to "play wrestle" with him for months and all of a sudden, she decided it was funny and now plays along.

Or she lets him hitch a ride while she pretends to be Bullseye. This is a win-win, since she loves playing pretend and he loves physical contact where he thinks he is squashing the other person.

He will even hold the back of her shirt and say, "Yaw! Yaw! Go horsey!" It is really funny to watch.

Of course, as soon as Petey is done, she just dumps him off of her back. And what do you know, he thinks it's funny! They don't fight near as much as they used to which makes this momma happy. :)

I took a video of them wrestling the other day but of course, every time I tried to video tape them, they stopped wrestling. There's a short clip at the beginning of the video where he gets her to the ground. Dont you love the scratchy, "mean" voice he uses? Such a silly kiddo.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Amy said...

Love this. My kids love to wrestle to. It is good for them in so many ways. Nice to see someone else's house looks like mine.

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