Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Project: Hand Spiders

I found a cute idea on Pinterest that I wanted to try with my kids so last night, we made it happen!

Things you'll need:
Black paint
White paint
Orange paper
Cute little children hands
First, we painted Spidey's hand, not including his thumb (because spider's only have 8 legs, not 10.).

Then, I pushed his hand onto the paper to make a handprint (minus the thumb). We painted his hand again and turned the paper around and then made another handprint going the opposite direction.

Then I washed those cute little fingers so he didn't make a mess.

Then, it was Petey's turn. Here we are painting her hand the second time around to make a handprint going the opposite direction from the first handprint you see on the paper.

She did so well and didnt curl her fingers when I pushed her hand onto the paper.

Then, I cleaned up her hand as well.

I sent the kids to watch a movie and I took a pencil eraser and dipped it in the white paint to make circles for the eyes. I added a tiny dot of black on top of that and voila! Our spiders have eyes!

I had a white picture frame laying around so I stuck the spider picture in it and hung it up on the wall. Adorable and homemade. And since I had all the materials, this project was free for us!

And that's how Suze crafts.


Emmy said...

That is cute!! Glad it turned out so well. Very fun idea. It looks great in the frame

Kelli said...

So adorable! I love that you framed it. What a fun idea!