Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kid's Room/Play Room Redo

Ever since we moved the kids into our master bedroom, I've been procrastinating moving their wall hangings into their room and organizing it into a room made just for them.
I finally buckled down and decided it needed to get done last week. :)
Here is there room right as you walk in. *Gasp! My son's real name!*

I made vinyl wall hangings for each of the kids. Spidey's (do you find it funny that I'm still using that name in this post?) is SO him. He loves all things car, train, and airplane.

On the opposite side of the room, to the right of the door, are all the kids' toys. I dug the kids' wooden table out of the garage and the chairs are from Ikea (I'm in love with them!).

This is Petey's bed. Her wall hanging is definitely for both of them (since they're both children of God) but when it originally hung in her room only, I made it girly with flowers and butterflies.

I use the top bunk for storing their millions of stuffed animals and a couple of toys I don't like them to get into without asking mom (mostly, it's Petey's dress ups).

On Pinterest a while back, I saw the great idea to use Ikea spice racks as book shelves. I loved the idea and grabbed a couple spice racks while we were there. I spray painted them the colors of the kids' room (light blue, lime green, and hot pink) and hung them up on the wall above the toys.

They are perfect! I have three more I am going to hang lower to the groun so the kids can grab certain books when they want but a certain someone in our house is going through a phase where he rips pages out of books so most of the books will remain on the higher shelves.

Then today, in preparation for Spidey's birthday party tomorrow, I moved the kids' table and chairs out into the main room (more eating area for kids tomorrow).

(Also, do you love Petey's hair in that pic? Hilarious. She had just taken out all her rubber bands a minute before) I was outside when I noticed Spidey's basketball hoop we've been meaning to wash off and bring back in the house. So of course, I cleaned it all up and the only place it seemed to work well was the exact place the kids' table was in. I haven't decided which of them will get to keep that special spot in the room but for now, Spidey is having a blast being able to dunk all the balls in the hoop. It's probably one of his favorite toys.

I'm glad that the room is finished (well, it's finished until I decide to change it in some other way). I love the color theme and I love that it is a big enough room for everything to fit so nicely. Moving them into the master bedroom was probably one of my better plans in life.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Emmy said...

So so cute!! Love their names and the shelves. I am much too selfish to give up the master :)