Thursday, October 13, 2011

An excuse for something that hasnt happened yet.

Yes, you voted!
And I will come through!
But this week being fall break (which shouldn't affect me at all but certainly has for some oddly unknown reason that I will get to the bottom of), I have been extremely busy every. single. day. So I have not yet had Boss capture my amazing trampoline abilities on camera.
And in case you wanted the TMI, I sweat when I exercise AT. ALL. And yes, for me, trampoline skills are exercise. Whatchagonnadoaboutit? And tomorrow being my first day of the week where I'll have a long enough break to perform these awesome skills, I have not decided if I want to sweat it up on the special day of my birth for which I am going to party with the hubby all day.
So give me a break. You WILL get the ah-mazing video. And it will be this weekend. But it might not be tomorrow.
And yet, it might!
Who really knows what'll happen?
I'm good at keepin you on your toes, huh? It's what keeps this blog exciting, right? You never know what I'll throw atcha next! :)

(And yes, I'm talking (or typing) like an idiot for no reason...I'm tired!)

And that's how Suze really sees it.

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