Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things to Smile About: September

I've missed the past couple of months of 10 Things to Smile About because of our hard times but this morning, as I was reading through Emmy Mom's blog, I realized that I need this blog post more than anything.
Throughout every trial, we have had so many good times. There really is so much to be thankful for this month.
1. Getting to babysit Baby L and seeing how much my kids adored her. 2. Celebrating my sister in law's birthday and seeing all the kids happy together.
3. Finally finding the bunk beds we've been wanting for a price we've been needing.
4. Asking Spidey to throw away his diaper and seeing him walk to the trash can, bare-bummed. I'm pretty sure we were in tears from laughing.
5. Seeing the love that Boss has for children, even when they aren't our own. He is a better nursery leader than I am.
6. Finishing a project. Petey asks daily if she can color or make something to hang up there.
7. My dad signing Petey and the other two oldest grandchildren up to be Jr Sun Devils. I still need to post about this because it was so sweet and we are excited to use our free stuff!

8. Finding out my sister is having a baby GIRL!

9. Spidey saying a 6 word sentence yesterday. He's been up to 4 or 5 words but yesterday, he surprised me and said, "I no want to come here!" Yes, his best sentences are the one's where he is telling me no to something. Love that boy.

10. Realizing how many people love us and our rooting for us.


Emmy said...

Yea! Totally the reason I started this list! I love the BYU blanket- I want one :). So glad you were able to find some bunk beds. That bare bum picture is hilarious!

Andrea and JP said...

Cute Suz. I've been behind on your blog, but it's been fun to read the past couple posts today. And thanks for putting me in your list of things to be grateful for. :) It makes me happy that you're so sweet about it all.