Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Extra Fun

I have had a couple of funny videos I wanted to post on here but could not figure out how to do it (other than upload them onto blogger for 10 hours...I dont think so). I asked my internet friend, Emmy Mom, and she told me to upload them through Youtube and then post them to my blog.
So here I am with two funny videos (and probably many more to come).
The first one is from when we were in Tucson a couple weekends ago. Uncle Fatty bought Fruit Ninja for the Kinect and the kids had a blast playing it. Petey did pretty well, for a 3 yr old.

The next video is from when Boss and I went to pick up the kids from my mom a couple days ago. They were having a blast swinging. My favorite parts of this video include my mom freaking out because she kept thinking Spidey was going to fall out of the swing (she keeps having mini panic attacks in the background) and Spidey saying, "I did it!" Such a cutie, that boy.

1 comment:

Emmy said...

That swinging video was so cute! Looks like a fun swing set where you can get some real air. And I love your daughter's hair in the first video- I wish I had any clue/patience to do something like that!