Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It was a bad day, Not a bad life.

Last month was a hard month. I was diagnosed with PCOS, my husband had his appendix removed, and at the end of the month, my sister moved away. I was delt a lot last month and I wanted it to stop.
But so far this month, I have started fertility {hi, it's me. i feel like crap} and now my only sister in law is moving away and taking my only two nieces with her {not that she would consider leaving them here. :)}.
I am SO done with change. Actually, I was done with change after being diagnosed with PCOS because that was a huge lifestyle change. Some days, I just dont want to deal with it. I want to forget about this past month. I want to be 6 months pregnant and not starting a round of fertility. I want to eat SUGAR. There are so many things I'd like to change about this month but apparently, things aren't done changing. My normal is no longer normal.
I havent cleaned my house since probably Thursday. Seriously, I have not a single clean bowl in the kitchen. I've been told that that happens with fertility. I feel like the life is being sucked out of me and I haven't done hardly anything in the past 5 days.
I really like the quote that is the title of my blog post. "It was a bad day, not a bad life." I am going to have many bad days but I certainly don't have a bad life. I saw The Help in theaters tonight...and I certainly don't have a bad life.

After watching that incredible movie (seriously, please go see it if you haven't already), I drove home with my children and talked to Petey about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This was our conversation, word for word {I recorded it on my phone}:
Me: Who's Heavenly Father?
Petey: Our president.
Me: I thought that was President Monson.
Petey: Oh. But Tom Monson talks to Heavenly Father and tells Him things.
Me: Yeah you're right.
Petey: We have to go talk to Him.
Me: When does He talked to us?
Petey: When we go to the temple, He hears us.
Me: Yeah thats true. He hears us there. How do we talk to Heavely Father?
Petey: We push a button and walk back to the door.
Me: We push a button?
Petey: Yeah to talk to Heavenly Father.
Me: Who are we talking to when we pray?
Petey: Grandma.

The rest of the conversation isnt recorded but dont worry, I explained to her that when we pray, we are talking to Heavenly Father...not Grandma. :)
I know my Petey girl doesn't know everything but she is grasping so much right now. I'm grateful that I get to teach her what a special daughter of God she is.
When we got home, I didn't want to put the kids to bed so I held them and we rocked and sang songs. It was such a peaceful time and I hope I never forget those feelings.
After a depressing, not so good day, I am such a lucky momma to be able to come home and be with the people that mean the most to me.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Karen said...

You have such a sweet family and a positive outlook. Hang in there! :)