Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baby Day

Yesterday, we had a very special morning. Baby L got to come over and spend the morning with us. Baby L's family goes to church with us. They needed a sitter for a couple hours and we were the winners! I could've held her forever. She just stared at me, occasionally smiling, but mostly just sucking on that cute little pacifier. I wasn't quite sure how the kids would react to her since I wasn't going to be giving them as much attention. I couldn't believe how much they loved on her. Petey made her smile so many times.

Poor Baby L. My kids wanted to constantly be touching her. Good thing they had clean hands.

Petey kept saying, "She is so much cute, Mom."

And when I finally let her hold Baby L (yes, I was being a baby hog), she had the most geniune smile on her face.

Of course, when Spidey wanted to help hold her, Petey's smile dwindled a little bit. I guess she felt the same way I did. We never wanted Baby L to leave!

Having Baby L over that morning reassured me that we are ready for a baby. It may be in nine months and it may be in five years, but we are ready. Even Boss (the one who usually has to take a couple of days to calm down each time I've shown him a positive pregnancy test) talks about how much he wants a baby. It makes my heart happy to know that whenever it happens, we will have so much gratitude. We know how much of a miracle babies are. We may know that we are ready but we also know that God knows what is best for us.

I wish we could have a Baby Day all of the time. If anyone (*ahem, Leyla or Lindsey*) wants to let us watch their baby for a couple of hours, we would LOVE to. :) It's a win-win situation.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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